Robin Dunseath

Robin imagined the original concept of the Ring of Peace in 2014. 

In his early career, he devised campaigns for major brands and received the UK Sword of Excellence and the U.S. Mercury Communications Award for International Communications for his work on Northern Ireland's image during the worst of the troubles.

Invented the sport of Haggis Hurling in 1977, which featured at the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh and has its own museum. Each year, over 100 official hurls are held and 43 countries have taken part. The sport has raised over £15 million for charity.

Devised World Young Business Achiever scheme to encourage young entrepreneurship in 3rd world countries. Persuaded WorldCom Group to organise it through their members as a volunteer project. In the ten years it ran, world finals were held in many major cities and attended by Royalty and Prime Ministers. Over 1000 young entrepreneurs took part and many built highly successful global enterprises. One became a billionaire and formed a foundation that has donated millions to charitable needs and to finance a school of entrepreneurship.

Watch: The Ring of Peace Tribute Video to Robin


Peter Ferris

Peter Ferris was born in Belfast in 1967 living and going to school there throughout the worst of the conflict.

Throughout Peter’s 35 year career as an Actor, Composer, Musician, Writer, Director and Producer in the Film, TV, Theatre and Music Industry and 32 year career as a Teacher training many famous names including Russell Brand, Martine McCutcheon, Daniel Mayes, Lisa Snowdon, Newton Faulkner, Clare Sweeny and Louise Redknapp to name a few.

Peter has been recognised for his work using Screen Acting and Theatre Acting Exams and New Technology and Smart Phone Filmmaking to inspire students from all areas of Academia and sport to achieve extra UCAS points and excel in College and Job interviews in masterclasses around the World as well as having returned to teach in Belfast since 2008

Peter’s innovative work has been recognised over the years throughout the world such as, giving speeches regarding Smartphone Filmmaking at the very first Smartphone filmmaking panel at South By South West (SXSW) in Austin Texas 2012, (Now the biggest Film, New Technology and Music Festival in the world )also as a Keynote speaker at events such as the SXSW Eco Festival 2013 and 2014, the Marbella Film Festival 2013 Inspiring Entrepreneurs at the New Technology Digital Doughnut Conference at The Royal Geographical Society 2013 and at Tech Entrepreneur Week 2014 in London.

But in December 2016 Peter was humbled to be chosen as one of the Top 50 teachers in the world, for the Varkey Global Teachers Prize and Peter is now proud to be one of only 300 Global Teachers Ambassadors and the only Global Teacher Ambassador from Northern Ireland or Ireland.

In June 2017 Peter was invited to be one of the Keynote speakers for the Inaugural Aga Khan Foundation OXSCIE Education Conference at Oxford University.

In October 2017 Peter was invited to Abu Dhabi by the Crowne Prince as one of the leading 800 International Educators and Government Education Departments to the prestigious QUDWA Global Education Conference.

In June 2018 Peter was humbled to be invited to the NNSTOY Education Conference in Las Vegas in order to speak to the winning teachers from each state in USA and advise how his unique programme could potentially be incorporated into current teaching methods to potentially prevent the current spate of School Shootings throughout America.

Peter’s links to America’s tragedies are personal as Peter was one of those flying to America on September 11th and was a refugee in Newfoundland, where he was stranded with 7000 passengers, firstly for 36 hours on the planes and then for 5 days being shown compassion by the Red Cross the Salvation Army and the incredible people for Newfoundland who did everything they could to look after the passengers . This alongside Peter’s continued work throughout the Northern Ireland Conflict/Post Conflict led him to Co-Found “The Ring of Peace”.

In 2014 The Ring of Peace (Co-founded by Peter) began as an annual event held on the UN Day of Peace 21st September where a message of Peace suggested from throughout the World is chosen and then sent around the world phone call by phone call country to country throughout the hours of the 21st September (Beginning in New Zealand) and also with each messenger filming themselves on Smartphone so that the message can be viewed travelling around the world and continue to inspire Peace.

The Ring of Peace was recognised for its 5 years work for Peace by Her Majesty’s Government and invited to attend the official event in Westminster Abbey alongside Her Majesty the Queen to commemorate the Centenary of The First World War on the 11th November 2018.

In May 2019 Peter was deeply humbled to be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award for World Peace Relations, Education and Arts from the AFI and especially from HRH Princess Dame Angelique Monet at the Prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

Peter is now a judge for the AFI Humanitarian Film awards at each year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Peter was invited to speak and inspire students in South Africa on Nelson Mandela Day 18th July 2019.

Peter was invited to the inaugural Education Conference in Maine USA to inspire both Teachers and explain Peter's unique educational programme (August 2019).

Peter was humbled to be invited as one of the few Top 50 Global Teachers in the UK to the prestigious annual Education Conference at Cambridge University to share his views on "How Society is changing and what we need education to deliver for that society" in September 2019.

In November 2019 Peter was presented with an award for World Peace Relations through Education and the Arts at the Sochi Film Festival in Russia where he was also a judge on the main Film Jury and Peter also taught a Masterclass there to Russian Students alongside a wonderful translator.

Peter was invited to speak and to demonstrate his teaching methods to the World Leaders in a Masterclass at the G20 in Saudi Arabia in April 2020, but this has been postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

During Lockdown Peter has participated in and spoken at four online International Education Conferences in his capacity as a Global Teacher Ambassador in order to advise Governments around the World.