This is a public address from The Ring of Peace

Hello Everyone,

Since lockdown I have participated in and spoken at three online International Education Conferences in my capacity as a Global Teacher Ambassador.

Listening to the, at times harrowing and at times inspirational stories from these incredible teachers around the World it became obvious of the inequity between students which is not only between students in different countries but even students in their own schools.

In a "larger" family many students do not have access, or as much time to access , a computer, tablet, smartphone, Wifi or data and therefore as online learning will become part of education for the foreseeable, if not the entire future, then this disadvantage must be rectified as soon as possible.

Students, teachers and parents need to be heard. We must hear what they have to say, for the sake of their mental health.

Having Co-founded the Ring of Peace in 2014, an annual event sending a Message of Peace around the World, Person to Person. I have been humbled to say that our efforts in The Ring of Peace has been recognised by many high-profile people and organisations around the World.

In 2018 the Ring was recognised by Her Majesty's Government for work towards peace and had us being invited to attend the Centenary Armistice Service in Westminster Abbey, alongside the Royal Family and World Leaders.

I was also presented in 2019 with Lifetime Achievement Awards for World Peace Relations through Education and the Arts in both the AFI World Peace Initiative "Films for Purpose" in Cannes and the Sochi Film Festival in Russia. I was asked at one of the Online International Education Conferences if I could The Ring of Peace create a Ring of Hope Competition for Students, Teachers and Parents.

Obviously, I was inclined to agree!

Linking my contacts in Global Education and Global Film Festivals I am proud to announce that we have created:


Entry is Free but any donations will go to Students (via their teachers) around the world who require Food or Computers/Tablets/Smartphones or Wifi or Data.

In the future, as I heard explained at one of the Online International Education Conferences, a teacher must not hear again a child asking:

"Should I buy data, or should my parents buy food". Also, I would like to see that households are provisioned with multiple devices to use so children not be denied the need to use them for education. We must now accept that online learning will be part of education from now on.

"Cambridge University has confirmed that their students will probably/potentially continue to learn online without "face to face teaching until Summer 2021"

Please Help us try to Help. Especially with food during the holiday.

Which reminds me of the story about "Live Aid" When the Press started to question "Why Bob Geldof was trying to set it up...was it to revive his career?

Peter Gabriel told him:

"If you save one child’s life, who cares why you did it"

So, if we make only enough money to help one child, it was worth it.

Thank you

Peter Ferris